With GEBAB as a contractor you get access to a broad range of competence – with deep knowledge in each domain. GEBAB carries out technical management, construction and land development, building services, fuel technology within the oil industry, installations, environmental technology and all forms of emergency services.

GEBAB is your partner throughout the entire process. We can assist you with your project even at the planning - and design stages. Our broad range of services makes it possible to draw up documents, drawings and the necessary permits for your project. No project in the area is too large, or too small, for us.

And it’s not just our know-how which is broad – we even have broad geographical coverage. GEBAB are located in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Örebro, Stockholm, Sundsvall and a number of different depots around the country (your welcome to drop in if you are in the area).

For you as a customer this broad spectrum means that you have access to a full service provider with the most modern technology when it comes to vehicles, tools, utilities, IT and techniques, combined with a competent staff who have the latest knowledge. In this manner we can offer you complete services for your specific project – no matter what the size.


We specialize in the domains off:

Emergency Service, Fuel Installations / Oil industry, Construction and Landscaping, Installations, Environmental work, Technical Management.